Regular Communications of the Grand Lodge of Scotland are held on the first Thursday in February, the second Thursday in June and the last Thursday in October. The Annual Installation normally takes place on the Thursday immediately preceeding Saint Andrew's Day, 30th November, and is followed by the Festival of Saint Andrew. When Saint Andrew's Day is a Thursday the Installation and Festival take place on that day.

Occasions such as these mean that the building is closed to the public as is the case with some other Masonic meetings and Public Holidays. So far as is possible these dates are provided in the table below.

Tours of the building are normally provided at 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM each weeks day (Except January when the Museum is closed for cleaning). Where the building is in use for only part of a day (for example on the afternoon of Thursday, 25th April. There will be a tour of the building in the morning (at 10.00 AM) but no tour in the afternoon of that day. There is no public access to the building on any day when the building status is 'closed'.

Please also note that from approximately mid-July to early September Freemasons' Hall is used as a Festival Fringe Theatre. This means that access to most of the building is restricted whilst the building is converted into several theatres, during the Festival Fringe itself and then during the period when the theatres are dismantled. Although no tours of the building are possible during this period Freemasons, and members of the public, are welcome to visit the Museum (on the second floor - please note there is no disabled access).


 Date  Event    Building Status
 Good Friday  Friday, 25 March  Closed
 Easter Monday  Monday, 28 March  Closed
 Spring Bank Holiday  Monday, 10 April  Closed
 Preparatory Meetings of Grand Committee   Wednesday, 26 April  Closed PM
 Grand Committee  Thursday, 27 April  Closed PM
 May Day Holiday  Monday, 1 May  Closed
 Victoria Day  Monday, 22 May  Closed
 Spring Bank Holiday  Monday, 29 May   Closed
 Preparatory Meetings of Grand Lodge  Wednesday, 8 June  Closed PM
 Regular Communication  Thursday, 9 June  Closed
 Building closes for Festival Fringe  Monday, 18 July  Closed
 August Bank Holiday  Monday, 7 August  Closed
 Building re-opens after Festival Fringe  Monday, 29 August  Re-opens  
 Preparatory Meetings of Grand Committee  Wednesday, 7 September  Closed PM
 Grand Committee  Thursday, 8 September  Closed PM
 Edinburgh Autumn Holiday  Monday, 18 September  Closed
 Preparatory Meetings of Grand Lodge  Wednesday, 26 October  Closed PM
 Regular Communication  Thursday, 27 October  Closed
 Preparatory Meetings  Wednesday, 23 November  Closed PM
 Installation and Festival of St Andrew  Thursday, 30 November  Closed
 Preparatory Meetings of Grand Committee  Wednesday, 13 December  Closed PM
 Grand Committee  Thursday, 14 December  Closed PM
 Freemason's Hall Closes    Friday, 22 December  Closed until:-
 Freemasons' Hall reopens  Wednesday, 3 January 2018  Building reopens