It was on the 3rd August, 1795, that the Grand Lodge of Scotland chartered "The Rothes Lodge, No. 257" following the sponsorship of the Lodge by the Brethren of Lodge St. Lawrence No. 190 (now 144) Forres, and the Lodge Trinity No. 196 (now 148) Elgin. From 1766, the pioneers of Freemasonry in Rothes had been engaged in converting the old tiny hamlet at the base of the Castle Hill into a larger and more modern village, taking stones from their extensive building programme from the heap of rubble which had adorned the hill for a century, following the destruction of the "House of Rothayes" by fire in 1662. Those operative Masons had come from the western area of the county, hence the interest shown in the erection of a Freemasons. Lodge in Rothes by brethren in Forres. "The Rothes Lodge, No. 257" on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, was the sixth largest Lodge to be founded in Morayshire. In 1816, it changed from "The Rothes Lodge, No. 257" to "The Operative Masons Lodge, No. 189 Rothes". The number "257" still remains dormant. In 1826, the name and number were again changed to "St. John's Operative Lodge Rothes, No. 193". ("189" is now held by Lodge St. John Castle Douglas). Prior to 27th December, 1864, the officer of Master, Depute Master, Senior Warden, Treasurer, Secretary, Second Steward and Tyler were only open to Operative Masons, The other offices could. be filled by any other Master Mason in good standing. By the Lodges' Special Bye-Laws of 1902 we find the name "St. John's" changed to "St. John".The sword now used by the Tyler was presented to the Lodge in 1893 by Bro. Robert Dick (the first Provost of Rothes). Three members of the same family Tyled this Lodge for 71 years: Bro. JAMES ROY              1874 - 1897Bro. ROBERT GRANT        1897 - 1912Bro. ROBERT GRANT        1918 -1951 (who was the grandson of James Roy and son of Robert Grant). Bro. Robert Grant junior was honoured by The Grand Master Mason of Scotland who conferred on him the rank of Honorary Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1946. The Lodge presented Bro. Grant with a gold Tyler's Jewel in 1947. The Jewel was presented to the Lodge along with a memorial photograph of Bros. Roy, Grant senior and Grant junior, by the Grant family, which now proudly hangs inside the Lodge, and was dedicated to the Glory of God and to their memory in 1952. In 1954 Bro. John R. Gray P.M. was presented with the Distinguished Service Membership Diploma, The Lodge has the unique honour, that three of their brethren held office within Provincial Grand Lodge of Moray and Nairn during 1981 - 1983 Bro. ALEXANDER COUTTS P.M.          Provincial Grand Senior WardenBro. ALEXANDER McDONALD P.M.      Provincial Grand Junior WardenBro. JOHN GARDEN P.M.                   Provincial Grand Treasurer The Lodge was also honoured when Bro. John Garden P.M. was elected P.G.M. of Moray and Nairn from 1988 - 1993. Oldest link - Bro. GORDON OGILVIE P.M. 1931 - 1941 (second term 1945 - 1946) Youngest link - Bro. ALAN I. SHEPPARD (son of the reigning R.W.M ALAN G. SHEPPARD.) Since the Lodge was consecrated on 3rd AUGUST, 1795, the Brethren of the generations which have followed the founders have assembled in a variety of meeting places. The first Masonic Hall was built by the 'Operatives' of THE ROTHES LODGE, No. 257 on the west side of Old Street (now 15 High Street). The Lodge Room and Ante-Rooms were on the top storey of the building at the rear, the entrance being gained by a stair at the rear of the building. On the ground floor were two shops, a Merchant and a Saddler. The structure was probably the result of voluntary labour on the part of the members of the Lodge. The walls and floors upstairs were deafened with heather, presumably to prevent anyone from eavesdropping during meetings. In 1.850 they sold their cherished Lodge property to Mr James Younie, Merchant. The meetings were then held in the house of Bro. Alexander Simpson, Old Street, who had been Master of the Lodge from 1846 - 1850. The meetings were held in Past Master Simpson's house until the early 1860's when the Lodge began to meet in a room in the Grant Arms Hotel. It was agreed at the St. John's Day Meeting, 27th December, 1864, to appoint a Committee to endeavour to secure a site for another hall. The site was not fixed upon, however, until 17th May, 1871, when an old property was purchased from Mr William Thomson, Farmer, for the sum of £270. renovation cost £213/13s. The total funds of the Lodge amounted to £72. A loan of E300 at 5% interest was offered by Mr James Sim, Hillhall, and was accepted. A further loan of £100 at the same rate of interest was accepted from the City of Glasgow Bank. The Foundation Stone of this (their Second Hall, which became known as "The Masons Hall", and became the principal meeting place in the town) was laid with customary Masonic Ceremony on Wednesday, 19th July, 1871, at 4 pm. Among those who let the hall were: The Local Company of VolunteersThe Temperance LeagueThe Two Churches in the town (none having their own hall for Kirk soirees.) In the late 1900's an Ante-Room was added to the existing building measuring 16 feet by 14 feet, the cost being £51 /17s/6d. By the early 1900's, all the groups in the town who had hired The Masons Hall as a meeting place, had built their own halls and the upkeep of the Lodge Rooms being in high, on 17th February, 1904, The Masons Hall was put up for sale by. Public Roup. The Masons Hall was purchased by W. & W. Gilbey Distillers, for the sum of 11476, used as a whisky warehouse. In the 1980's the property was sold to a private buyer by the Distillery. The Masonic is which were painted on the inside wall of the building by the Brethren of go over 100 years ago can still be see to this day. The Lodge took refuge in what was at one time the Billiard Room of the old Grant Arms Hotel, which they rented from Bro. Alexander Gordon, Draper, at £4 per annum. The Brethren met for the first time here on 7th July, 1904, and resolved that their meeting place should be designated "Masonic Lodge Rooms, 30a High Street, Rothes". In 1941 the Brethren were forced out of their Lodge Rooms by the Military Authorities, who needed the premises for a canteen. The meetings were then held in the Public School for one year. Then from 1942 - 1945 they were held in St. Drostans Church Hall, Seafield Square. In october, 1945, the Brethren returned to 30a High Street, but decided to move to the Parish Church Hall, as the rented premises at 30a High Street lacked the necessary privacy. After some refurbishment and general improvement to the property, the Lodge once again returned to 30a High Street, owned by Mr A. McRobbie. The first meeting on their return was held on St. John's Day, 27th December, 1948. The Lodge remained at 30a High Street until 1957, when John R. Gray P.M. approached the owner of 4 High Street, which used to be in use as club rooms, but by then unused and in a state of disrepair. The owner of the building Mr R. J. Cumming who resided in Banff very kindly donated the building in its entirety to the Lodge. These Lodge Rooms at 4 High Street were then renovated entirely by the Brethrens' own efforts. In 1982, Hanover House bought the block of houses adjoining the Lodge Rooms at 4 High Street. They discovered during their survey that the Lodge Rooms had extensive dry rot, which would cost a substantial amount to rectify. Hanover Housing then made an approach to purchase the building and were asked to submit an offer. After much discussion by the Brethren it was decided to, sell the existing property and look for an alternative one. The Lodge finally decided to purchase a site in North Street, Rothes, which was formerly the Army Cadet Hall, which would require extensive rebuilding. Plans were drawn up by Bro. J. A. Roy P.M. and approved by the Brethren. Bro. G. J. Milne (IPM) an Operative as well as a Speculative Mason undertook to carry out the rebuilding and organise the voluntary workforce of Brethren. The Lodge Rooms at 4 High Street were vacated in February, 1983 and the remainder of the Regular Meetings for the session were held in the Rothes Parish Church Hall while the new Lodge was being built. The Consecration and Dedication of the new Lodge Rooms, North Street, Rothes, was held on Friday, 30th September, 1983, Bro. W. F. Main R.W.M. occupying the Chair. The service was carried out by the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Bro. J. M. Marcus Humphrey and his Deputation of Grand Lodge Office-bearers. 112 Brethren were present. MASTERS 
Period servedName
1795 – 1799Peter Inch
1799 – 1802William Anderson
1802 – 1806James Davidson
1806 – 1809James Soutor
1809 – 1812Archibald Simpson
1812 – 1815James Dumbreck
1815 – 1818James Soutor
1818 – 1821Robert Grant
1821 – 1824George Davidson
1824 – 1826James Grant
1826 – 1829Peter Jenkins
1829 – 1832John Findlay
1832 – 1839John Masson
1839 – 1842James Mach
1842 – 1846William Mantach
1846 – 1850Alexander Simpson
1850 – 1853James Simpson
1854 – 1856Alexander Simpson
1856 – 1859Peter Grant
1859 – 1862Archibald Simpson
1862 – 1864Alexander Simpson
1864 – 1867Peter Dean
1867 – 1875William Watson
1875 – 1882Alexander Green
1882 – 1886David Roy
1886 – 1895Robert Cruickshank
1895 – 1898William Cumming
1898 – 1901Alexander Green
1901 – 1902Charles Munchin
1902 – 1904James Lyall Gordon
1904 – 1906William Shiach Cumming
1906 – 1917Peter Cameron
1917 – 1920William Cumming
1920 – 1922William G. Williams
1922 – 1924James Duncan
1924 – 1925Frank Reid
1925 – 1928John Robertson
1928 – 1930Alexander Beaton
1930 – 1932William Ralph
1932 – 1934George Boardman
1934 – 1936Charles Milne
1936 – 1938George Munro
1938 – 1941Gordon Ogilvie
1941 – 1943George Munro
1943 – 1945John Findlay
1945 – 1946Gordon Ogilvie
1946 – 1948John Gray
1948 – 1950Alexander Cameron
1950 – 1952James McIntosh
1952 – 1954Alexander Allan
1954 – 1956John Dean
1956 – 1958William Gerrard
1958 – 1960Arthur Roy
1960 – 1962Alexander Coutts
1962 – 1964John Ross
1964 – 1966Charles Christie
1966 – 1968William Main
1968 – 1970Alexander McDonald
1970 – 1972John Dunn
1972 – 1974John Garden
1974 – 1976James Goodwin
1976 – 1978Alexander Duncan
1978 – 1980James Roy
1980 – 1982Sydney Stitchell
1982 – 1983William Main
1983 – 1985Lionel Main
1985 – 1987Kenneth McPhee
1987 – 1989Andrew McCreadie
1989 – 1991Michael M. Little
1991 – 1993Gregor J. Milne
1993 -   Alan G. Sheppard