There is some confusion of what consitutes a Lecture Lodge and what is a Research Lodge and what is a Lecture Lodge. Both are Lodges consecrated by their respective Grand Lodges. Both focus more on research, debate and analysis rather than ceremonial (although that obviously is still a part of Lodge activity). For our purposes here the definition of a Lecture Lodge is one where lecturers, who are usually not members of the Lodge, are invited to give a lecture in the Lodge and that is the limit of the Lodge's involvement in 'research'.

The lines between Lecture Lodges and Research Lodges can be blurred. This is especially true when Lodges change its practices changing, say, from a Lodge devoted only to providing lectures to one which publishes those lectures. We are blessed in Scotland with a number of Lodges (there is one in most Provinces) which provide and excellent service to and a forum for Freemasons who are interested in the in this aspect of the Craft.

Most lecture Lodges will advertise their meetings in the normal manner and times of meeting and place(s) can usually be obtained by contacting the Provincial or District Grand Secretary.