After more than a week of Michael Brea’s arrest, he has finally confessed the killing of his own mother by a sword.

He has narrated the whole killing incident to the police and it is something quite horrifying to hear. Michael was a Freemason and he used to attend a masonic church and also had a masonic bible with him.

He told the investigators that he did not kill his mother but he had killed the demon which was inside her, and this is something that gave a chilly feeling to the police too. It was before he was going to slay his mother, he had a vision in the night where God visited him and told that it was the last day for him on earth.

Then he started meeting strange people on the streets and the train who started to ask him about his mother, and these were just signs that there was something wrong with his mother, according to him.

These were signs coming to him by his freemasonry faith and this was leading to his mother. It is believed that he even stole the sword from the Freemason lodge to slay his very own mother.

This confession of his makes him a killer and it is also seen that he may be mentally ill somewhere, but the investigations into this case will reveal many more truths which would sound quite real.