Freemasonry seems to have an enduring fascination to the media, especially to the print media. There is hardly a day that goes by without a least one story about Freemasonry appearing in a newspaper somewhere in the world. The reports range from grossly inaccurate to sympathetic. Here we shall post some of the press material about Freemasonry so that you can read for yourself the wide range of stories that are written about the Craft. It is not possible to give every single press report that is 'out there' - that would require a huge website devoted to that subject alone (that is a great idea but who is going to do it? - Ed.) The Grand Lodge can only provide some typical examples of what the press has to say about us especially here in Scotland. The opportunity will be taken to reproduce stories that have a Masonic connection. The Masonic dimension will be explained if this is not made clear in the item.

Society's leaders discuss future of fraternal order in post-communist era

The International Conference on the History of Freemasonry (ICHF) attracted the attention of more than just historians...

"Communism, fascism, and Freemasons" [sic] are a product of the Theory of Evolution!

Lodge Journeymen Masons, No.8's 300th anniversary

An article about Hogarth which, unusually, is not critical of his membership of the Craft

A Scottish newspaper reports on what Freemasons are doing in Washington DC

Freemasonry pronounced to be 'ordinary' - another gratuituous reference to the Craft

How the smoking ban in Scotland is killing off the Freemasons

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