The latest news from the Grand Lodge

Visitors are to please note Monday, 19th of September 2016 is one of several holidays on which Freemason's Hall is closed. Therefor there will be no access to the building on this date.

For a full list of dates as to when Freemasons Hall will be closed Click Here

The Grand Lodge of Scotland is pleased to announce that the total donated to Prostate Scotland by Scottish Freemasons have now exceeded £288,000.00.

For more information regarding the work of this worthy charity click here.

The easy fundraising initiative - an excellent and simple was of raising money for the Benevolent Funds of Grand Lodge.

Grand Secretary, David M. Begg, has been made aware that Scottish Lodges are being contacted by individuals who are not Scottish Freemasons.

Each year Scottish Freemasons remember their fellow Freemasons who served their country and do so in a rather unique way.

Grand Lodge regularly receives numerous requests for information regarding various aspects of Scottish Freemasonry. 

Lodge Hope, No.337 (now The Lodge, Hope of Kurrachee) was founded in 1847.

Freemasons' Hall has now re-opened following its' use as a Festival Fringe Venue.

On Wednesday, 23 July 2014 a document was issued by several Continental Grand Lodges known as the 'Berlin Declaration'.

On Saturday, 1 November 2014 Freemasons' Hall will once again be open to members.

The Home Grand Lodges have issue a joint statement the GNLF

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