The 6th February 2012 was therefore the exact date of her Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen is the daughter of a Past Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Scotland. Her father, when Duke of York, (later King George VI) was Installed as the Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 30th November 1936.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland, on behalf of all Scottish Freemasons, had the greatest of pleasure in congratulating Her Majesty the Queen on attaining that significant anniversary by sending a letter from the present Grand Master Mason, Brother Charles Iain R. Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont, which can be downloaded and read by clicking here.

There have been two previous articles on this web site relating to the Queen's father, George VI, in relation to the blockbuster movie The King's Speech which although dramatising his life and how he coped with a major speech impediement never mentioned Freemasonry. That article can be read by clicking here or on previous link.

It has recently been revealed that the speech therapist, Lionel Logue, was also a Freemason and the article regarding his membership can be accessed by clicking here or on the previous link.

Sadly, this influential film never referred to Freemasonry nor did it explore what part Freemasonry played in their often turbulent relationship.